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Morgan Square, downtown Spartanburg
Statue GPS: 34.949377, -81.933086
(Corner of Main and Magnolia Streets near 148 W. Main Street, Spartanburg 29301)

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Daniel Morgan Monument

General Daniel Morgan was the commanding Patriot General at the Battle of Cowpens, a significant battle in the American Revolution. His battle plan is still studied today at West Point, the United States Military Academy, for its value in battle.

The Monument was dedicated on May 11, 1881, for the centennial of the Battle of Cowpens by the original thirteen colonies and Tennessee. It was the first joint effort of these states following the Civil War.

Today the Monument is a symbol of Spartanburg and sits at the geographic center of the city.

Morgan Square, downtown Spartanburg (Corner of Main & Magnolia Streets)

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Remembering a Hero, Healing a Nation

The Daniel Morgan Monument has been a landmark in the City of Spartanburg since its erection in 1881. Most Spartanburg residents have seen the statue and visited Morgan Square in downtown Spartanburg numerous times. It is apparent that the monument is honors Gen. Daniel Morgan’s victory over Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton in the Battle of Cowpens in January 1781. Less well-known is the statue’s role in healing a nation recovering from Civil War.

On the west face of the monument’s pedestal, a bronze plaque reads:

No North, No South
No East, No West
A Common Interest
One Country-One Destiny
As It Was, So Let It Be

These few words tell of the time of the monument’s dedication. In 1881, the Civil War was a clear memory for most people. This was especially true in the post-war South which was undergoing an often painful reconstruction. Although the he Civil War ended in 1865, the wounds – both physical and emotional – remained fresh. When Congress passed a joint resolution commissioning the monument for Gen. Morgan, there is no doubt that one motivation was to create a vehicle to help bring the people of the North and South closer.

The Daniel Morgan monument is, indeed, a memorial to Gen. Morgan and his service during the American Revolution. By joining together to remember a nation forged by all the colonies in the American Revolution, it also helped bring the nation back together after a bloody chapter of national division. Its meaning is clear: While we honor the brave men who fought to secure America’s Independence, we must remember that we became independent and achieved more as one nation than we could as divided regions. As it was, so let it be.

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