Explore the Revolutionary heritage of the Spartanburg, SC area with this self-guided tour.

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The contributions of the early settlers of Spartanburg to the American Revolution are just one way that Spartanburg has shaped the history of the country. The County takes its name from the Spartan Regiment which formed in this area to support the cause of American independence.

Did You Know?

South Carolina saw more Revolutionary War battles and skirmishes than any other colony except New Jersey. Start exploring them with this self-guided tour.

This tour includes a few of the significant sites of the American Revolution all over the county. Select the full tour or, if time is limited, just the Northern Loop or Southern Loop.

This trail opened in the Fall of 2014 to give a flavor of the area’s Revolutionary history and is a project of the Spartanburg Convention & Visitors Bureau in conjunction with the Spartanburg County Historical Association.

Want to dig deeper? Turning Point: The American Revolution in the Spartan District is a definite source on a key moment in our nation’s struggle for freedom.

This only happens in a place that’s truly revolutionary. Come see for yourself.

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